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Reframe the perception of Planned Parenthood among men and encourage them to support Planned Parenthood for their own healthcare needs.


Build an influencer campaign that will raise awareness of the organization and its services to a wider audience.


With over 650 clinics in the U.S., Planned Parenthood is the largest single provider of reproductive health services in the country. However, the organization may lose significant government funding. 

Planned Parenthood will revive Kutcher's hidden camera show Punk'd for a special episode in which men will be punk'd 

Men simply drop out of the health care system entirely after outgrowing their pediatrician, only to re-emerge in their 40s.




male population in the U.S.


number of male visitors to Planned Parenthood in 2014





number of men that haven't had a medical checkup within the last year


Public health is harmed when nearly half the population is going without regular, standardized checkups.

Ashton Kutcher will partner with Planned Parenthood to drive attention and interest among men for #MenStandWithPP

Influencer Strategy


Track media impressions for the Punk'd revival episode for earned media

Conduct social listening through #MenStandWithPP to monitor engagement

Monitor visits to PlannedParenthood.org to track retention and attention rates among target audience

Team:  Dalisbeth Galvez, Tanisha Morris

Ashton will leverage #MenStandWithPP through his social platforms